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ALMA will offer unprecedented sensitivity and resolution. The 12 m antennas will have reconfigurable baselines ranging from 15 m to 16 km. Resolutions as fine as 0.005 arcseconds will be achieved at the shortest wavelengths a factor of ten better than the Hubble Space Telescope..

Saddam son ran his own dark empire in Iraq, controlling the lucrative underworld smuggling rackets that thrived during the years of UN sanctions. His vast wealth allowed him to buy hundreds of cars, stashed all over Baghdad in underground garages and torched once the US invaded so nobody else could own them. (Uday employed somebody just to scour the internet for photos of new or collectable cars, which were then placed in a ring binder.

The exhibition was shown in the Gare du Palais over the summer to critical acclaim, with an estimated thirty thousand visitors. According to the guest book, approximately 14 % of the visitors were from overseas, 12% from the USA and 53% from the province of Qubec. After finishing at the museum in September, it is expected that the exhibition will travel to different places across Canada and possibly abroad..

And Villa, F. And Watson, R. And Yvon, D. What good fortune to have been sitting next to them. Mr Annesley knew the teams and most of the players. He told me about two teams from Waterville, Maine that was quite an attraction when they came to play in Lennoxville because of the boisterous rooting from the teams’ fans that tagged along..

But while Stoll was first noticed by many viewers and “The Strain” producers for his breakout role as Peter Russo on Season 1 of Netflix’s “House of Cards” (sans hair, of course), he’s at the top of the call sheet for the first time here as Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, an epidemiologist at the head of the Center for Disease Control in New York who’s originally called in to investigate the mysterious outbreak. And the self proclaimed character actor said the new ‘do helped him get comfortable in the expanded role.

Dans le cadre des prsentes consultations prbudgtaires, le ministre des Finances affirme que la situation des finances publiques nous redonne la capacit de faire des choix, pour dvelopper des politiques sociales, familiales, conomiques et environnementales qui rpondent aux priorits et aux besoins des Qubcois. Tandis que le gouvernement annonce son intention de rpartir les surplus en parts gales entre le paiement de la dette et la rduction des impts des particuliers, nous sommes plutt d’avis qu’il est grand temps de rinvestir dans nos services publics. De surcrot, nous sommes convaincues que le Qubec dispose de toute la marge de manuvre ncessaire pour gnrer de nouveaux revenus..

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