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The Hammond Public Library announces the Job Ready Service Program, a three week training seminar to educate job seekers on strategic methods to assist them in obtaining employment. Library staff will offer training in the use of bibliographic resources, as well as instruction on the latest trends in prospective markets. We hope to engage local businesses and organizations that also would be willing to assist and support this venture..

With that being said, we’re looking at an even bigger warm up for the first day of december! temps are expected to climb into the 50s on friday with any chance for precipitation holding off until late on sunday. Cool weather fans don’t fret; we’ll also be getting a dramatic rush of arctic air with highs only in the upper 20s by the middle of next week. In rochester, i’m meteorologist sara knox with kimt news 3.

Another back in action structure is the Teatro Romano. This semi circular Roman theatre was built in the 1st century. As is appropriate in the city that’s the setting of Romeo and Juliet and Two Gentlemen of Verona, the Teatro Romano is now the home of an annual Shakespeare festival.

These days, the statistics are lower. Around 69% of Australian families say occasional smacking is ok. And it’s dropping each year.. Truly a great league to be involved in. Skill level ranges from those who played high level junior hockey to a near sighted 62 year old goalie who is a wall on anything 15 feet or closer, but frequently lets in shots from the red line. The best part is that nobody really cares as long as everyone is participating and having a good time..

Paul Stuart is still a privately owned family business, and has been since 1938. It operates from the same location in New York where it has offered a selection of timeless quality products for the last 70 years. I like because they always fit me perfectly ?holes everywhere.

The library board voted. Bitar spoke and received a warm reception. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley). Crystal Apple Awards are given away by many prestigious organizations across the country including the American Association of School Librarians, Indiana State Teachers’ Association, Time Warner Cable, Purdue University and others. The symbolism of the apple for the teacher makes this type of award popular for honoring excellence in education. A crystal apple is immediately recognized as a sign of an exceptional teacher..

Deleting the placeholder text also restores your default presentation text formatting.You can add a background picture, or replace the existing background, just as you can for any other content. The background picture is displayed on every slide.Insert a page break whenever you want to start a new slide. A recording embedded on a slide plays as soon as you display that slide, so it’s best to have the recording as the first, or only, object on that slide.You can choose File > Save whenever you want to be sure your work is saved.5 Click Save and Close when you are done.To save your presentation in a different container, choose File > Save As.

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