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All such soul searching may be unduly Slavic. After so many decades of enforced isolation, it is only natural that young Russians would plunge into the glittering new world of kompyutery, sleksy, gamburgery and, yes, seks. It is to the credit of the Russian language that it has managed so quickly to embrace a lexicon that used to be not only exotic but also illegal.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for parents to take kids to a show that they can enjoy,” said Leavitt Adams. “It’s so good for kids to go to live shows and events and concerts. And I promise that it will be fun for parents as well. Keep in mind that the extent of information learned will depend upon the child’s age and maturity level. To help children remember, review this important information often and reward progress.2. Insist that very young children hold the supervising adult’s hand continually while walking to and from stores, play areas, school grounds, camping and the like.

2. We reject COBRA assertions that this case presents extraordinary circumstances, as suggested in City Manager of Medford v. Labor Relations Comm 353 Mass. Very early on it became clear that Scott wanted to incorporate me into the script. I was honored by that, very much so. I met Elliott Gould on the set in Chicago.

As I started to write another message of motivation for you today, I realized that it’s time to let someone else take a turn on the mic. I want to honor and recognize the birthday of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The list of the advantages you can experience by doing online income tax preparation and filing is pretty impressive. That’s one reason that 53 million taxpayers went with the online filing option last year and that millions more will probably join them this year. After all, why not do your taxes in the easiest, fastest, and most accurate way possible?.

It that time of year: the aroma of gingerbread wafting through the kitchen, ice on the windshield and a total zoo at the airport. Flying and travelling in general can be sigh inducing at the best of times. Add in the holidays, family conflicts and crowded flights and the number on the stress o meter can rise very quickly.

Now I must also mention that the Senegalese have a distinctly different relationship with their food than we Westerns do, for we have become so disattached from the source of what we eat and are entirely unaware of all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into preparing it; we enter gleaming white supermarkets and purchase synthetic packages of mass produced food without giving any thought whatsoever to the farmer who planted and cultivated our vegetables, the cow who gave its life for our meat, or the butcher who actually did that cow in. The Senegalese, however, have a much more direct relationship with their food, for they are continuously faced with clear reminders of the time, work, and actual living beings that go into the meals they eat. Here we head out to the beach side market to buy buckets of entire fish scooped straight from the sea that very morning (after which we must clean, gut, and prepare them ourselves); here we purchase our vegetables directly from the farmers who cart their freshly picked produce (still caked in layers of dirt) to the local market each and every week; and here we must look on as our butcher slashes away at en entire cow leg in order to prepare our slices of meat (one must learn to ignore the repulsive clouds of flies buzzing around the chunks of meat that hang in the open air).

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