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Gwyneth Paltrow has kindly put together festive gift suggestions on her lifestyle site, Goop, and though the list includes some very pricey items $5,000 gold plated juicer, anyone? Paltrow has also come up with some creative gifts for far less. Offered their wish list as part of a cancer charity fundraiser, with celebs listing their top 10 dream gifts for the public’s perusal. Claudia Schiffer wants a tortoise, you’ll be interested to know, and Hugh Grant wants a chocolate orange and Gucci sunglasses.

Two American leaders are butting heads in the NHL labour impasse, depriving us of our Canadian Saturday night tradition.The Stanley Cup, which hasn called a Canadian city home since 1993, is now in residence in the 90210 area code after the Los Angeles Kings brought the NHL chalice to Southern California for the second time in five years.An American born captain, Dustin Brown, hoisted the Cup last spring. It was going to be an American no matter who won the final, with Minnesota Zach Parise of the New Jersey Devils on the other side.After winning five world junior championships in a row, Canada had it streak snapped in 2010 by the Americans and hasn won since. Also won the world junior title in 2004.

It’s my nature, and I know I’m not alone at the movies. About a half hour into the film, Will Smith just didn’t seem to be acting right. The lines in the scene weren’t very good, and he suddenly seemed to force things while delivering them, as if he were saying “Damn it, I’m the most charming and lovable actor in movies, and if this sick puppy can’t entertain people any other way, I’ll hit ’em between the eyes with so much Will Smith they’ll never notice how bad the script is.”.

Ten cars were given away. It was a great success! Ask and it shall be given. During Community Day 2004, 20 cars were given away. The NFL is not made up of a bunch of choir boys, that we know. There are some great people playing in this league who do incredible charity work and don’t keep their coach and GM up at night worrying about getting a phone call from the police. But it’s impossible to put together a roster without problem players and players with problems..

Add breadcrumbs and mix well, then add thyme, parsley, sage, salt and pepper and mix the mass. Pour in broth and fluff gently. Remove giblets and neck from cavity. Emily Jeffreys of Rudyard and Grace Wheeler of St. Class A B C Second Team. Jeffreys averaged 18.4 points a game and finished as Rudyard’s second all time leading scorer with 1,350 points, which ranks behind only Deanna Sutton’s school record total of 1,436.Wheeler, a 5 6 junior, averaged 10.1 points and 5.4 rebounds for the Saints.

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