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More complicated time . That said, I am in the fight. No one has written more on this than I have. We flew back to Inuvik last night to begin our 2.5 day journey home! This trip has been a great experience and a good test of my stamina. We delivered 28 activities over 6 days of teaching Kindergarten to Grade 12. I’m truly lucky and grateful to have been chosen for this unique opportunity to travel above the Arctic Circle, see the northern lights for the first time, and learn many new lessons that were developed specifically for Northern communities (of which I’ll be using to teach kids in Ottawa since they are applicable nationally!)..

General Assembly, Trump mocked Kim as a “rocket man” on a “suicide mission,” and said that if provoked further, “we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.” On Thursday, Trump signed an executive order targeting North Korea’s trading partners with sanctions, calling it a “powerful” tool for isolating and de nuclearizing the regime.NO DECENCY FROM DEMS IN HEALTH CARE BATTLE: A Pennsylvania Democrat said at a town hall event that he believes Sen. John McCain, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in July, will defy his fellow Republicans and side with Dems against the Graham Cassidy health care bill because of his illness . “McCain I’m worried about,” Rep.

Elected parent representatives provide input to the program Policy Council on key issues, including hiring decisions. In one instance, parents voiced the need for classes in basic literacy for some newer immigrant parents. The classes have now been available since 2010, and some parents serve as volunteer teachers..

Careful listening shows that you respect your child feelings and gives them space to explore a problem and, often, find their own solution. Being listened to can cause difficult feelings to evaporate cue less moaning, fewer tantrums, fewer tears. Most importantly, if you listen to your child, they are more likely to listen to you..

Matt got a lot of plaster in my hair while helping me with it. Unfortunately, this is the last week that we will be working on masks. In math, after about a month of algebra, we have started geometry. The] awareness leader, it is my job to speak on behalf of all Canadians with Down syndrome. National Down Syndrome Awareness Week is a time where all Canadians can celebrate the lives of people with Down syndrome. My friends and I are capable of many things, and we encourage other people to become self advocates, like us.

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