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Ubicacin de la lejana y polvorienta galaxia A1689 zD1 detrs el cmulo de galaxias Abell 1689 (con anotaciones)Esta espectacular vista desde el telescopio espacial Hubble de NASA/ESA muestra al rico cmulo de galaxias Abell 1689. La enorme concentracin de masa dobla la luz procedente de objetos ms distantes y puede aumentar su brillo total aparente, hacindolos visibles. Sealado con un recuadro, vemos uno de estos objetos: A1689 zD1 (aunque apenas es visible en esta foto).

Field calls the actresses in for a three hour fitting and fashion therapy session. ”Pat is an icon and I freaking grew up with her,” said Ms. Parker, who spent her early childhood in Cincinnati but has lived in New York since she came here as a child actress at 11.

Think it will be a breath of fresh air, to be honest, he said. Think this is a good project, and I think it is good for the community. We trying to attract new people to the city, and I think this is a unique development.. Bizarre. You kind of marvel, at least I do, I marvel at the game that we play so much, Dickey said of the outcome. Was one of those days where I had a good knuckleball, it was late (late movement) in the zone.

One person with basic skills can complete a low level deck in a weekend, really! Deck construction for the basic deck isn’t as hard as many people believe. Set a few posts in quick drying cement, attach 2X8s to the posts using prefabricated fasteners, attach 2X6 joists to the 2X8s in 2 foot intervals, then lay out and attach the decking. That’s it!.

Who doesn’t want a strong body? Most of us wish we could attain a body that is long and lean, and serves us well. Getting in shape through online exercise programs will most likely not only help you look better, but they can make you feel better and walk with more confidence. You can spot a Pilates student anywhere because she walks with her head held high, her chest out, and her shoulders back..

The collections are being treated in a more fashion forward way.”Fashion designers have realized just how powerful a brand extension eyewear can be, especially in comparison to some other offshoots. “It’s difficult for a brand to be visible with a fragrance because you’re the only one who knows what you’re wearing,” she explained. “But when you wear a pair of sunglasses or optical frames, the brand itself gets exposure in the most prominent way because this is something you wear on your face.

Mon avis, c’est la dmocratie qui en souffre. Livr aux portes, le journal papier est le seul rejoindre peu prs tous les citoyens d’une ville. Tous ne sont pas habiles ou intresss naviguer sur internet pour s’informer. 3 Spaying, neutering only hope of controlling number of cats CONTINUED FROM > PAGE 1 For many municipalities, like Thunder Bay, stray cats and feral cat colonies are causing the fur to fly among elected councils because of the rising cost to taxpayers to control their populations. In late summer, its council approved a six month pilot project proposed by a not for profit organization targeting its growing feral cat population. The plan would involve trapping feral cats, and sterilizing them before returning them to their colonies.

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