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Some may have known Rob Clipperton, who worked for a number of years at CJIC radio in the Sault before transferring on to the CBC in Ottawa, where he was for a number of years, the voice that went with the time signal. Since his retirement he has been replaced by Laurence Wall, the news director for CBC Radio in the Nation?s Capital. But other things happened 75 years ago that are worth celebrating.

If you are setting up your vending machines in a very popular area, you will want lots of different bulk vending supplies. You might have a whole group of machines in a movie theater or at a food court in a mall. For this, I suggest going with an exciting array of choices.

Supp. At 1257 ( surveillance of activities on his balcony, if standing alone, might very well not have invaded Kim privacy and therefore not have constituted a search. See also, Cefalu v. Neither person was seriously injured, and the shooter remains at large, Sgt. Andrew Zazula said this morning. Saturday on a report of a loud party there, Zazula said.

The hall had a specially designed (spring) floor that allowed a couple to dance until 3am without becoming tired and we all walked home after the dance! The hall had a full kitchen downstairs, huge room for bingo, a small scout room, and a library which moved from the old city hall. Upstairs, there were many events: the school, fall agricultural fairs, pro rec, boxing, wrestling, Halloween and Christmas. The firemen had huge bonfires and fireworks for Halloween; freezing the parking lot for skating in the cold winters, fun for everyone.

We all have a choice and we knew right from wrong. Drug overdoses and passing out from binge drinking were recurrent themes in Humphries life for many years. After each episode, he vowed to quit this destructive lifestyle, only to remain clean for short intervals..

“to see more people get excited about sobriety maybe some more younger groups we have the aa groups and older generation but i like to see some of the younger people get involved.” mason city resident chuck grieman has a similar resolution. He plans to put the cigarrettes down. Lowerthird2line:chuck grieman mason city, ia “the biggest thing for me is i’ve been smoking for 38 years and i’ve recenty obtained chanets so im going to give that a try there hopefully with the proper mindset thst will help me get over the smoking habit.” ny resolutions mos lpkg 7 he says staying focused and committed to improving his health is the driving force that is going to help him.

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